President's Report

I hate to rush my life away, but c’mon spring 2016! Let’s get on with it! As I write this we are impatiently waiting for ice out on Rabbit Lake. Meanwhile back in mid-March, we cancelled our winter lake visit because the ice was too soft and conditions were too unpredictable.  And besides we thought, after a relatively mild winter, and weak ice in mid-March, we no doubt will be able to get into our cottage in early April. Then Mother Nature turned the winter switch back on. The temperature plummeted to well below “0” for days on end, and she dumped a couple of feet of snow over the last half of March and early April. So now it looks like the first week of May before the ice and our calendar will allow us to open up. In the meantime, as is tradition, the supplies and the Rubbermaid tote boxes are piling up in the living room.

Nonetheless it’s been a hectic winter season; and in a way, somewhat remarkable. Our eldest son and his wife and infant daughter purchased a house in east end Toronto. Now that in itself is pretty remarkable given the current housing market in TO. But what is unbelievable is the fact that the house they bought is about two blocks away from where I was born and raised some 60 odd years ago. In fact, I might have played in this house when I was a kid! How spooky is that!? As I walk around the east Toronto neighborhood, dozens of memories come flooding back to me. So much has changed. Yet so much has stayed the same. Where are all of those “youngsters”  I grew up with? How does that Beatles song “In My Life’ go?  Some are dead and some are living……….some are gone and some remain.

Without question this is the most remarkable case of “What goes around comes around” I will ever experience. And it makes me think about our little piece of sacred ground on the shores of Rabbit Lake; we can only hope that it creates countless happy memories, and that the circle completes itself for generations to come.

Summer 2016 is going to be another great season on our CALA lakes.  Here’s  just some of the items that your CALA will be involved in. See more details inside this newsletter:

Stay tuned. Get involved. Support your local businesses and your cottager’s association whenever you can. Remember there is always strength in numbers. See you on the lake… soon as the ice goes out.

Prez Peter