OPG May 5th Update on Water Conditions

Here is the latest information from Ontario Power Generation (OPG)regarding conditions on regulated lakes and rivers in Northeastern Ontario.

Water conditions have greatly improved over the last two weeks. Some people may have noticed water levels drop on their lake in recent days. Be assured that this is intentional. Inflows remain high and we've had to create additional storage space to accommodate surplus water.

The rain we received last week continues to drain into our reservoirs. As temperatures warm and the sun shines, inflows will continue to drop unless it rains (which is currently forecast for next week). If we do receive rain, we may have to adjust our operations again to accommodate the surplus water. Needless to say, all OPG operated reservoirs in Northeastern Ontario are projected to reach summer minimum elevations, where required, in time for Victoria Day weekend, as indicated in the approved and draft water management plans for each of the four river systems we operate on in Northeastern Ontario. Many of the reservoirs will fill earlier than required while all others are projected to fill in time.

I can't stress enough how dangerous it can be around dams and generating stations, specifically at this time of year. Outflows are high in many places. Please Stay Clear, Stay Safe! People caught in restricted areas will be charged and fined up to $2,000 - zero tolerance! The penalties are harsh to discourage people from venturing into these dangerous areas and taking unnecessary risks. No fish is worth your life, or even $2,000 for that matter.

In this final update, here's information regarding OPG controlled dams and generating stations where reservoirs have minimum summer elevation requirements.

Rabbit Lake Dam * Rabbit Lake is one of the examples of where we've had to lower water levels. Water levels actually went into the summer band earlier in the week, but had to lower elevations to accommodate inflows. There are no issues with water levels. Summer elevations are projected in time for Victoria Day weekend.

Lady Evelyn Lake Dam * As of this morning, Lady E. is 54cm away from its summer band. There are still plenty of inflows entering the reservoir. We're projecting summer elevations will be reached sometime next week, unless we're required to remove logs and create additional storage for inflows. Either way, summer elevations are projected in time for Victoria Day weekend.

Matabitchuan Generating Station * Four Bass Lake has a fishery constraint requiring summer minimum elevations to be reached earlier than other reservoirs. OPG did reach its minimum elevation requirement by the required date.

Marcel Pelchat
Public Affairs Officer
Ontario Power Generation