Water Level Update

March 13, 2012

With temperatures now consistently above the freezing mark, it's a good time to provide an update on conditions around area OPG facilities.

Recent snow surveys, which can be viewed at the following link (http://www.opg.com/safety/water/snow_survey.asp), show that water content in the region is essentially at or near average for this time of year. Areas towards the height of land further south are slightly below normal.

For the last few months, Environment Canada has been calling for above average temperatures (http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/saisons/image_e.html?img=sfe1t_s) and above average precipitation (http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/saisons/image_e.html?img=sfe1p_s) in the area. That prediction remains true for March through April.

In areas further south such as Rabbit Lake Dam and Lady Evelyn Lake Dam, logs were replaced in mid-February. At this time, the reservoirs are building. Further north, storage is still being created in area reservoirs in anticipation of spring precipitation. Projected targets should be reached in the coming weeks. Conditions are monitored daily and adjustments will be made if required.

Flows are slowly picking up as temperatures have warmed and we've received some rain. However, with temperatures still dropping below zero at night, most of the water isn't flowing into river systems yet. There should be a little runoff flowing into lakes and rivers on the weekend, but nights will cool again next week, slowing inflows.

Melting snow may start to expose shorelines in the coming weeks. Keep in mind that current elevations are normal for this time of year and there are still more than two months to fill reservoirs, with the majority of the precipitation expected in April and May in the form of rain.

Water levels are updated weekly at the following link: http://www.opg.com/safety/water/river/

As temperatures warm, ice conditions will deteriorate. Remember to Stay Clear, Stay Safe, especially around hydroelectric dams and stations.

Marcel Pelchat

Public Affairs Officer
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