Hello All CALA Members: The following is an email from Dave Zimmerman with information on lake conditions that he found on his first trip to camp on Jan. 23rd. Despite Dave's years of life on Rabbit Lake and many years of experiencing varied winter conditions, we must remind you that if you are venturing out on the lake, common sense must prevail. CALA is not vouching for ice safety.

"Hi, we finally got to camp yesterday, Jan 23rd. Bush trail cleared and groomed. 18 inches of snow in the bush with no snow base as we had a big thaw in the days before Dec. 25. Jason Blais made a tree line trail from our place down to Ross Lake with an average of 5 to 8 inches of ice. I walked from camp, straight south, to near the middle of the lake and had 8 inches most of the way. It dropped down to 7 and I stopped at 6 inches as I ran out of time. Didn’t get beyond the centre or to Rabbit Point. Ice has 6 inches of snow on it and consists of 2 inches of white ice and 4 inches of blue ice. Slush is beginning to show up in a medium number of places but seems to limit itself to the snow depth. Our weather this week is very little snow, highs of about -2 to -5 and nighttime lows approx – 10. Next week calls for small amount of snow, highs of about -10 average and -15 at night. Will try to get up to Rabbit Point and test the thickness in the main part. No skidoo activity visible on the lake yet except for ourselves. Water level is slowly going down, probably at about 4 ‘. The lake should be ready by next week."

While I have your attention: we are preparing our spring edition of the CALA newsletter and are asking you to send us word of any of your Milestones (marriages, births, deaths, etc.) so that we can include them in the newsletter.

Best wishes,
Kaye Barrett on behalf of your CALA Executive