CALA LAKE CONDITIONS - February 8, 2016

Do use extra caution and common sense
if you choose to be on the lake.

Hi, just another quick word on the ice conditions.   (yuck)! 

Seriously, 2 weeks ago we got warm weather and an ice storm, beat the snow insulation down pretty good on the lake and weighed down the trees on the bush trail and closed them off.  This was all fine as there was a cold spell coming in, going to -20 C.  The lake surface refroze, but we got 10 or more inches of snow on top before it froze enough for skidooing. 

Travelling off the trails was dangerous.  Since Thursday this week past, the lake improved enough that the previously established lake trail could be packed and allowed to freeze somewhat. 

We got another 10 inches of snow on the weekend, brought up the slush on the lake, and flooded the marked trails on the lake.  These were hardly packed down as travel was not good.  The bush trail from camp 16, (Lowell Lake) to Rabbit Lake was re-opened Sunday, Feb. 7, after 2 days work. 

The trail from Zimmermans to Ross Lake was run by Jason Blais and wife, with 2 long wide track power machines, and they had a hell of a time on the trail on the return trip.  Since then we’ve had another 8 inches of snow. 

At present lake travel will be difficult from Temagami to camp 16.  I am going to try to pack the trail down to camp 16, since we’re supposed to be due for -30 C weather.  

Rabbit Lake is extremely iffy, too much slush.