** The following OPG e-mail was sent to all those who wrote to OPG airing their concerns on the low water levels on Rabbit & Cassels Lake for 2010.

Subject: Water Elevations at Rabbit Lake Dam

Good morning,

Further to your correspondence last year outlining your concerns regarding water levels at Rabbit Lake Dam, I wanted to follow up to let you know that Ontario Power Generation is monitoring conditions closely.

Our current snow survey data indicates that water content in the snow is approximately 30% higher than this time last year, but still below average.

The survey was conducted prior to the snowfall received over the weekend, which will further enhance the inflows available in the spring.

In spite of improved conditions, please be advised that a log operation is scheduled for Wednesday, February 16th, at Rabbit Lake Dam, to end the drawdown early.

Based on the information currently available, Ontario Power Generation feels there is sufficient storage available to mitigate flood risks in the spring. OPG will continue to monitor conditions closely and make changes as required.

For the time being, water levels at Rabbit Lake should begin to rise later in the week.

Marcel Pelchat
Public Affairs Officer
Ontario Power Generation
Tel.: (705) 267-7033 ext. 3303
Cell: (705) 262-2381
Fax: (705) 267-5789

Unfortunately there was a delay on implementing the drawdown & closing of the dam on Rabbit Lake on February 16/11. It is still unclear to the reasoning behind this delay but is a mute point now. Here is the situation as it apparently now stands. As of Thursday February 24/11 the dam is closed. The water level is at 288.21m with zero flow. Putting this in perspective, last year’s (2010) closing date was February 19/10 with a closing level of 288.08m. By Feb24/10 the level had risen to 288.14m. Doing the math we are up 7cm, which is less than 3 inches. Not much. Ontario Power Generation  has now left it in the hands of “Mother Nature” till spring. Pray for rain.

Ron Sullivan
CALA President

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