P.O. Box 88
Temagami, Ontario 
P0H 2H0

(705) 569-4361

The Hatchery Building on Lakeshore Drive in Temagami village has a summer telephone #
(705) 569-3240.

Temagami Area Fish Involvement Program (TAFIP)
Officers and Directors for 2011:

President - Claude Landry
Vice President - Joe Montreuil
Treasurer - Olive Landry
Secretary - Bob Molyneaux (temp.)

Wayne Adair   Marilyn McLeod
Peter Hughson   Sally Middleton
John Jeryzyk   Paul Middleton
Dave Phillips  

Chris Salmond

Shawn Burrows   Lance White

TAFIP Collection and
Distribution Report Summer 2010

Egg Collection

  Collected Hatched Hatch % Spawn Site
Jar 1 180,000  130,000 72% Net Creek
Jar 2 110,000  75,000 68% Net Creek
Jar 3 130,000  110,000 85% Net Creek
Jar 4 140,000  110,000 79% Net Creek
Jar 5 130,000  90,000 69% Net Creek
Jar 6 150,000  90,000 60% Lake Temagami
Jar 7 40,000  5,000 13% Net Creek
Total- 880,000  610,000 69.32%  

Collected 730,000 eggs from Net Creek and 150,000 From Lake Temagami.

Fry Distribution

Red Squirrel- 180,000 fry (Net Creek)
Large Roosevelt- 70,000 fry (Net Creek)
Small Roosevelt- 130,000 fry (Net Creek)
Sherman- 85,000 fry (Lake Temagami)
Net Creek- 140,000 fry
Lake Temagami- 5,000 fry

Walleye Distribution as of July 23rd 2010

Lake Temagami- 250 fingerlings, 5,000 fry
Net Lake- 3,500 fingerlings
Cassels/Rabbit/Snake/Obashkong- 3,200 fingerlings 140,000 fry

Total Distributed- 6,950

Pond Report as of July 23rd 2010

Red Squirrel- 2,500
Small Roosevelt- 2,030
Large Roosevelt- 2,200
Sherman- 250

Total Netted- 6,980


Activity Report
The Temagami Area Fish Involvement has had another successful year. We ran into a couple of problems due to the weather conditions. Due to low water and early ice out we only managed to collect 55% of the eggs we were licensed to collect (licensed for 1,600,000).

We distributed the Temagami fry into the Sherman Rd. pond. We have a seepage problem with the pond and this means we have to pump water into this pond weekly. Due to the lack of rain this year we pumped a nearby  beaver pond dry by the end of May. The low water mixed with the heat caused dissolved oxygen problems. The low oxygen levels caused mass die offs. We managed to remove 250 Fingerlings which were placed in Inlet Bay and at the Strathcona Landing. We also distributed 5000 fry into Inlet Bay.

Our  Red Squirrel Rd. pond had a similar problem. The water level started to drop and we had to net fish that were smaller than normal. We managed to remove 2,500 from this pond. These Fingerlings were distributed into Net and Cassels Lake. The Roosevelt Rd. ponds are still in the process of being netted. We have removed 2,030 fish from Small Roosevelt and 2,200 from Large Roosevelt. These fingerlings have been distributed into Net Lake and the Cassels Lake system. We are currently still pulling nets out of both Roosevelt ponds. We also had some predation problems at these ponds (last year it was merganser ducks; this year a "huge" snapping turtle; and, unfortunately, some human vandalism!).

On Thursday May 6th, members of CALA (Ron Sullivan, Dave Zimmerman, John Redforth) and TAFIP (Eric Cummings, Paul Middleton) along with the help of MNR Biologist Chuck McCrudden rehabilitated Sunrise Creek at Rabbit Lake by clearing out the build-up of much debris and logs which were blocking the walleye spawning run at this location.  We have on our list the similar rehab work for Blueberry Creek at Cassels Lake, hopefully this summer as well.      (see attached pictures)

TAFIP also ran the BBQ lunches at the Tracy & Kimmy Memorial Ball Tournament on the weekend of June 12-13 and at the Canada Day event on July 1st at the waterfront. Both of these events, thanks to Parks & Rec. calling on us to participate, helped us recover from the cancelled Ling Fling on Saturday March 27th, due to early ice-out conditions on Lake Temagami.  A special thanks goes out to TAFIP members and volunteers and our Lions Club friends for helping make these BBQ's successful, along with the many folks who bought our burgers, hot dogs and sausages on bun, topped off with fried onions and yes, a cheese slice (free), along with pop, bottled water, iced tea, etc. ... all products available at our local Freshmart Grocery Store.