CALA Day August Long Weekend

Each year, in conjunction with CALA’s Annual General Meeting, events are held to promote fellowship among members.

The Boat Poker Run is NOT a race. It’s a chance to visit different parts of the lake and meet your lake neighbours. Typically there are 5 locations in the bottom end (Rabbit Lake) and 5 locations in the top end (Cassels, Snake Island, Obashkong Lake). Players need only visit 5 of he 10 locations to draw cards for their poker hands. The Poker Run happens between 10 am and 2pm.

The Poker Run is followed by a BBQ. Sometimes it’s a pig roast, sometimes it’s a Sausage and Corn Roast. In addition to these items being provided by CALA, attendees are asked to bring a pot-luck salad or dessert. The event is free to all, including any and all guests you have visiting.