Always held on the long August holiday weekend.  All, including guests, are welcome to participate and attend.

2019 Date:  Saturday August 3, 2019
Location: Feys/Barrett cottages on Cassels Lake
Format: Pig Roast

The day starts with a BOAT POKER RUN between 11 am and 2pm.

  • This is NOT a race. It’s a chance to visit different parts of the Lake (Cassels, Rabbit, Snake Island, Obashkong) and meet neighbours.
  • There are 10 locations spread around the lake.  You visit any 5 of these to draw a card for your poker hand.  Look for maps of these locations at the three access points to the lakes.
  • Purchase your “hand” at the first stop you make. You may play any number of hands. Each hand costs $5.
  • Then draw the other 4 cards at your next 4 stops.
  • You may also draw your cards at the final BBQ location.

Then head over to the AGM and PotLuck BBQ location.

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will begin at 3:30.  Each voting member will be given their voting “stick” when signing in.  Listen to reports by CALA Directors on issues of interest and participate in the annual elections of Executive members.

Following the AGM (4:45-6:00pm)

  • serving for the BBQ will commence
  • silent auction winners will be announced
  • Boat Poker Run Prizes will be awarded

PotLuck BBQ  CALA will provide the Main BBQ meal

What you should bring:

  • Meats or other items you wish to BBW
  • a SALAD or a DESSERT large enough to feed your group for the potluck
  • serving utensils for your salad or dessert
  • lawn chairs as required for your group
  • all dishes, utensils, glassware for your group
  • BYO Beverages



Photos of past Annual Events are coming soon.


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