Lake Conditions on Rabbitt Lake

Hello All,
Here is the latest lake conditions report from Dave Zimmerman.  I know that those of you who enjoy winter at the cottage and on the lake are grateful for the time Dave has taken to share his knowledge, experience and observations this exceptional (we hope) winter.

“Susie and I have taken a couple trips to camp and tested the lake in several places.  We went through the bush to Pickerel Rock, right up the lake past Redforth’s, Les Stroud must have been in, as the lake was fairly well packed down, no signs of slush, went into Teachers’ Bay, past Preists’.  Ice surface is good travelling but a substantial snow or rain could make it dangerous.  The bigger bodies  of the lake are better and more travelled than the bays.

In the bays there is a layer  of blue ice, a layer of 4 to 8 “ of slush, 1” of ice, another layer of 6 to 10” of slush, and 6 to 12” of snow.  Main ice possibly not blue, and feels soft — low quality.

On the main part of the lake  the blue ice is 12”, covered by 8” of slush, 2” of ice, and another 6 to 8” of snow.

We looked at the Temagami weather chart on the computer and for the next 2 weeks, the night time temps average -10, with Sunday being – 20.  Daytime highs are less than 0.  Although it is snowing right now, the chart says less than 1 cm Fri. Morning, 1-3 afternoon, about 5 evening, 1 cm overnight, mixed precip overnight, with the rain component about 1 mm overnight, 1 morning, and 1 mm afternoon Saturday.  No other big weather systems we can see right now.

If you travel, go with a buddy, a rope, a shovel and a travel plan left with somebody.  Cell phone could be helpful.  The lake seems really good to travel on, but be aware a melt could change things quickly and you could be in 16 inches of slush over 4 inches of blue ice.  Stay on the frozen trails.  Don’t explore the shores and bays too much.”


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