Emergency Procedures

Know your BLUE SIGN NUMBER (if you are inside Town limits)

Know the closest LAND ACCESS POINT to your property. (Rabbit Lake Landing  OR   Fox Run Landing  OR  Temagami Boat Livery)

If possible, know your GPS Co-ordinates.

SUMMER MEDICAL EMERGENCIES for Water Access Properties:

  • Call 911 on cell phone or landline
    • Ask the person who answers WHERE they are located
    • This is important because in some areas of Rabbit Lake, cell phones will connect automatically to towers in Quebec. This will cause unnecessary delays.
    • If you are in a location where this may happen CALL 707.569.3434  OR  1.800.573.4327 to reach the North Bay  Ambulance Communication Centre.
    • The dispatcher will ask where you are and what is your closest land access point (Rabbit Lake, Fox Run or Temagami Boat Livery)
  • Then you’ll have two choices
    • Take the sick or injured person to the agreed land access point to meet emergency personnel
    • ask dispatch to send paramedics to the Temagami Boat Livery so water taxi can transport them to your location.