Membership Eligibility

CALA draws its membership from the many waters of the Matabitchuan River watershed.

In order to become a VOTING member of CALA, one must be an owner or lessee of a waterfront property, or the spouse, parent or adult child of the owner/lessee.  The first membership for any waterfront property must be a Voting membership.  Only TWO voting members (including Life Voting Members) are permitted on one property.  The waterfront property must be located on one of the following water bodies:

Cassels Lake                Obashkong Lake
Snake Island Lake        Net Lake
Caribou Lake               Blueberry Lake
Sunrise Lake                Lorrain Lake
Reuben Lake                Fourbass Lake
Rabbit Lake                 Matabitchuan River

Any other adult (age 18+) who supports the aims and objectives of CALA may become an ASSOCIATE member.  There is no  limit to the number of associate members per property.

Junior and Life membership classes also exist.

Membership Classes & Fee Schedule

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Membership Rosters – Available to all members in good standing (secured-member login)

Life Members 

  • Any member demonstrating exemplary and sustained service to the association may be nominated for Life Membership by three other members.
  • Any member who has been a member in good standing (i.e. paid up) for 4 of the last 5 years AND who has achieved the age of 80 shall be granted Life Membership.