Navigational Aids

Navigational aids have been placed on Snake Island Lake , Cassels & Obashkong Lakes and Rabbit Lake to improve boating safety.

While all attempts to maintain positioning of the buoys to the best of CALA volunteer abilities, boats should trust the buoy indication at their own risk.

The buoys may have moved around because of excessive wind, wave or boating action. Boaters should be especially vigilant in the early season just after ice out as CALA volunteers may not yet have re-positioned the buoys after the winter.


RED buoys should be kept to your RIGHT hand side when RETURNING to Temagami. Boaters will need to understand that returning to Temagami means returning to the Temagami Boat Livery on Snake Island Lake.

Note the red arrows that indicate the “RETURNING” route. Boaters may be travelling in any compass direction while “returning” to the TBL. Boaters should be familiar with the lake to travel its length safely.

Red Right Returning Directions
Red Right Returning Direction Protocol

When travelling away from the TBL, green buoys should be kept to the right.