Fishery Report – Spring 2017

1 million walleye eggs were transferred to the hatchery as planned. A cold wet spring has made the netting and fertilization of the Walleye challenging. All MNRF permits are in place to transfer walleye to Cassels, Rabbit, Snake and Net Lake.

The fishing has been slow since opening weekend, with the water temperature around 60 degrees F. The Walleye remain somewhat dormant until the water temperature rises to the
mid 60 degree F.

TAFIP has many ongoing projects with pond up keep and equipment to repair or replace.

They plan to purchase a new trailer to transport the equipment and Walleye eggs. TAFIP is supported with many hours from volunteers and a new trailer would assist in the hard work
volunteers do. If CALA could help with a donation to help off-set the cost of a new trailer, I’m sure Ike and all the local volunteers would be very appreciative.

The dedication of the TAFIP volunteers, to be at the hatchery at 4 am and then again at 11pm to ensure the eggs are raised into the walleye we all enjoy catching should be acknowledged by all.

Wishing everyone a safe a happy summer.

Chad Armstrong
Fisheries Director