Lake Conditions

“Seems like an easy thing to report on, mid-January should have enough ice to support a Hummer!  NOT SO!

Most of Snake & Cassels is OK, snow machines have been running since late December.  I have a marked 20 ft. wide trail to the bush at the Sand Dam (Camp 14; Lowell Lake access) and have kept it packed since New Years, but still have not completed checking the trail to Rabbit Lake.

On about Jan 8, Susie and I were working on the trail in the bush to Rabbit Lake, about 16’’ of snow, not bad.  At the same time, (keeping in mind we’ve had -35 degrees C,  on a few nights) a local friend of ours went snowmobiling from Ross Lake to the Temagami trail off Rabbit.  He is a well skilled bush person, but even with this he had the “bee jeesus’´ scared out of him.  Half way to the bush from Ross Lake, ice changes.  As he looked back over his shoulder, all he saw was H2O and a good array of humungous air holes covering the lake.  He held a steady high speed, straight ahead as he dared not turn or stop to check the ice thickness, and soon arrived at the shore line.  (Short laundry operation).

Not over yet— the return, straight line 50 to 60 MPH, no deviations, his conclusion, the lake is not safe, probably until very late January, or into Feb.  We’ve just got 8 ‘’ of heavy snow and rain on January 17th and on January 19th  got another 5’’ fluffy snow.  From our view at home on Snake Lake area, looks like a slushy mess, 6’’ to 10’’ ice.  Some areas may have only 2’’ of ice.  I don’t think Rabbit Lake has enough ice to support a rabbit.

A good January thaw and a deep freeze hopefully in the next week, will work wonders on the lake.   MEANWHILE BEWARE!”

Dave Zimmerman